Selecta in the wave of banking innovation

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Novathon CIB Bank BudapestOn 25th and 26th June 2016 Budapest is the banking innovation.
Intesa Sanpaolo Group together with the Hungarian subsidiary CIB Bank, is organizing Novathon #withCIB, a competitive marathon in which participants must create applications that facilitate the management of banking business on mobile phones, on other digital devices or in the bank agencies.


Areas of challenge are:

  • Contextual banking services
  • Services based on virtual and augmented reality
  • Digital Agencies
  • Digital and virtual money Wallet
  • Smart Mobile Banking Applications

Novathon#withCIB is an hackathon (also known as hack day or hackfest), an event attended by experts of different information technology areas: software developers, programmers, university students, people from marketing and web graphics.

The word born in 1999 from the union of “hack” and”marathon”, starting from the computer virtuosity promoted by hackers.
This year the performance is a competitive marathon lasting two days, with major prizes for the most innovative solutions for the bank of the future.

The competition will see the competitors grouped into teams. Each team will be involved in the creation, design and construction of concepts, prototypes and interactive models of banking applications to be used on mobile devices.
Also some Selecta guys will be part of the teams.

Moreover Selecta is one of the event sponsors, along with Vodafone, T-Systems, Cap Gemini, Oracle, Asseco and others.

The presence of Brett King famous guru of the banking sector, will make the Novathon#withCIB in Budapest an event that will be remembered in the history of banking innovation.